The Willoughby & Rock Ridge roughly models in N scale the Southern Pacific Railroad from MP 649.7 (Willoughby) to MP 580.5 (Rock Ridge) during the transition era of the late 1950s.

My layout room is a spare bedroom in my modest track home, available now that my daughters are grown and my wife and I are empty-nesters. I’d love to have a huge room for my hobbies, but the railroad is designed to provide some fun and even some operations in a very small space. Besides, nature abhors a vacuum, and filling even this small area with a working railroad is a significant challenge for me.

The layout room is 10.5 feet by 8.5 feet with the door at the lower right of the image on the left and a closet along the wall to the right of that image. The layout is attached to the walls at about 53″ above floor level.

I have negotiated a right of way for model railroad use with my dear understanding wife, but I have designed the layout so that the center of the room will be available if needed, for such purposes as accommodating an inflatable bed for overnight visitors.

I added a desk for hobby-related activities under one of the larger portions of the layout. The closet will be shared with our cats, who have previously established “squatters” rights to the area, due to the location of the litter box. The railroad will use the upper level closet shelves for storage.

The layout evolved from a simple plan, to a complex plan, to something in the middle. Here are some drawings made over time of what I thought the plan would be. I used Train Player for Windows to design and test the various layouts before finally settling on the final, definitive, carved into stone design.

Here’s my room:


Here we go, let’s start with a nice double loop or “dogbone” plan.


Gonna need some car storage. Let’s add enough to hold a million or so cars and double-deck that sucker.


Okay, I can’t reach the yard now. Maybe fewer cars would be a bit more reasonable. Let’s add a roundhouse and turntable. Wow, this is getting really complex. Wiring this will be a nightmare.


I’ve completely lost my mind and have now redesigned the plan as a single deck layout plan.


Willoughby would look better positioned diagonally.


Just need to add a few trees and more stuff.


I need car storage more than a turntable and roundhouse.


Not sure what I changed here, except maybe the colors.


Bottleneck is now reconfigured.


Oooh, I have room for another town now.


Some more tweaks and fixes.


And wait for it…


The “final” version.

Until the next one…


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An N Scale Oregon model railroad

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