Model railroading is a great escape from the everyday pressures of the world. In the “world” of your railroad, you can run things the way you think they should be run. If you think logging railroads operating geared steam locomotives should still be hauling old growth logs from the deep forest and mountains, you don’t have to concern yourself with the petty details of finding any old growth trees left to cut down in forests that have been logged to near extinction, or if mountain railroads and steam locomotives are more efficient than forgetting the whole idea and just using trucks. Economics of the real world only intercede on occasion and usually involving something small, expensive, and made of brass.

My name is Randy Brewer and I am an N Scale model railroader located in Eugene, Oregon.

This blog is replacing portions of my website



Model railroads are very complex toys. This blog is about the construction of my N Scale model railroad, the Willoughby & Rock Ridge. The escapism of model railroading is a calming influence on our hectic lives and is a good way to stay in touch with the child within all of us.


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An N Scale Oregon model railroad

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