Cubby Storage Installed

I got sidetracked from the switch activation levers project when the new cubby storage shelves arrived. I had hoped to find something like this at an antique store or swap meet, but after 6 months of looking, I had came up empty handed so I ordered some from Pottery Barn. I was disappointed that the top end of one of the units had been damaged (it had a little shoulder of wood that stuck up above the shelf that had been crushed). I called PB and they were very nice in offering a discount on the damaged unit. When I held them up to the wall, I noticed that the shoulders would need to be removed on both units anyway in order to get the shelves to fit above the backdrop. Turns out that after cutting the shoulders off with the table saw, no further repair was needed. These were not easy to get lined up and hung on the wall because the mounting hardware on the back of the units were not consistently installed in the same place on the back of each unit. Other than that, I’m quite pleased with the result. I can use this for train car storage cases or operational tickets, or other essential model railroading detritus.



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