Track ends, switch stands, and protective facia

I did a little research regarding how the Southern Pacific Railroad terminated yard and spur tracks and learned that sometimes they used a mound of dirt and other times a few railroad ties were stacked on the track ends. What I had previously built was not close to the prototype, so I removed the vertical and angled wood ties and left the ties laying across the track. SP generally stacked three, so I’ll be adding an extra one to each track end in the future. Image I was also having a bit of a struggle designing how the edge of the railroad would be along Willoughby Yard, as the switch mechanisms would protrude from the side of the layout and needed to be protected in some manner. Once again, masonite splines to the rescue! I got all the switch mechanisms in place with some scrap wood and glue, and built a little protective facia that should shield the switches from being caught on clothing, etc. Later on, the main facia will be installed along the edges and the edge of the railroad will be smooth and seamless. The only downside of this design is that I will have to fill in the gaps created by this protective facia, but should be able to do this with the hardshell scenery. I did not have the time or the energy today to install all the actuation wires connecting the switches to the -er… switches, but that will be a project for another day. Installing the wires to move the switches is detail work, which I enjoy doing, so I’m actually looking forward to doing this next session. I may wire the yard and industrial spur before moving on to the small logging yard at Big Fir Enterprizes up the hill from Rock Ridge. That way, I could enjoy running a few trains into the yard sooner rather than later. That’s all for today! ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage Image

I picked up a couple of Mini-Metals cars from my local hobby store (LHS), Eugene Toy & Hobby. They are the correct scale and era and will be a nice addition to the scenery.


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