Willoughby Yard details

Just did a little clean up on Willoughby Yard today. Inserted some sleeper ties under the rail joints so it all looks a bit more real. Also added some bumpers constructed of wooden ties to keep cars from running off the end of the track at various points around the layout. I did a little research (The Southern Pacific in Oregon, and The Southern Pacific in Oregon Pictorial) and found that the SP frequently would put 1-3 railroad ties on the end of a track parallel to the ties for this purpose.

I glued a couple of wood ties on the end of each track and also inserted one tie vertically in a hole drilled into the roadbed and glued another tie to in a little ‘V’ arrangement. Not prototypical, but it will do for now. I’ll go back and make it look like the prototype after I do a bit more research and add scenery, later on. I also added a couple of tracks for wheel storage. They will have to be removed before I create the yard scenery, but can go back on later. Just getting ahead of myself again…



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