Willoughby industrial branch

I’m back to working on the railroad after a two years absence due partially to the events associated with the untimely death of my younger brother Alan in February 2012. My brother lived in Las Vegas with my father and tragically died in an accident while riding his 4-wheel quad vehicle. While trying to survive the terrible  shock of losing my only brother and helping to put my his affairs in order, we helped my father locate a house across the street from us here in Oregon which he bought, and helped arrange to get him relocated and settled into his new home. Sadly, my brother’s sweet dog Bella then had to be put down due to bone cancer shortly after the move.

In addition to spending time with family, I have a couple of other hobbies that monopolize my free time these days (not to mention the time I spend working!),  so model railroading sometimes gets put on the back burner. After a long time off, I missed working on the layout and am once again moving it closer to completion.

First order of the day on the railroad was completing the Willoughby industrial branch subroadbed and trackwork. The industrial spur has one siding leading to the north, a spur for passenger service to the city of Willoughby, and a spur to the south that splits into two industrial sidings. No wiring has been accomplished at this time, but it’s good to put some track down and give the existing track a good polishing. That’s my cat Hobbes “photobombing” the third picture. I exercised the fleet, so to speak, as well. Model trains are happiest when they are used and mine have been idle for a couple of years.



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