Bottleneck Yard benchwork completed

The expansion of Bottleneck Yard continues with the completion of the newer, more expansive benchwork. This construction method is so easy! All you have to do is place the first masonite spline in the proper curvature and elevation and glue or screw it into place. The adjacent splines glue to that one conforming to the shape. By the time you have glued 6 together and dry, they are as hard as concrete and extremely solid. I then take a piece of hemlock and lay it over the open gap and trace from the underside with a pencil to the contour, cut it out with a jigsaw and mount it in place with screws and glue. It does not have to be a perfect cut out, as it will be covered anyway. By using McFeelys square drive wood screws, the fit is tight and solid, exactly the way you want benchwork to be. I’m now ready to add homasote on this area and then it will be time for tearing out the old track and laying the new route.



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