Summit Bridge Installed

The truss bridge installation at Summit has been completed. The bridge is a Kato 20-434 single truss bridge. The code 80 track was replaced with Micro Engineering code 55 bridge flex track with close-spaced ties. The bridge also had a number of small appendages used for securing the Unitrack that had to be removed by filing and clipping with wire clippers. The bridge supports are Woodland Scenics plaster retaining walls painted cement color, and some scraps of Homosote roadbed which look a lot like cement to me.

The first image is a test fit with the unpainted bridge. It was then lightly painted in mineral red to simulate rust and the foundation was painted in cement color. Later on, I will probably place a Southern Pacific or W&RR round logo on the side of it to evoke the memory of the SP bridge crossing Highway 58 between Pleasant Hill and Westfir.

Now I’ll have to update the layout plan to reflect the location of this bridge, as it was installed further to the east than originally planned.



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