Curved switch installed

The rains are here, so it’s back to work. Glad to be back model railroading once again! I have so many activities during the summer months that keep me outdoors that I don’t see the inside of the train room for months at a time. It was a busy year for my business, too. With two daughters in college, that’s a good thing. 

Installed a lovely curved switch made by John Wickham (jscottw on ebay). I cannot recommend it enough. It solved a huge problem on the BFE Logging yard entrance (see third photo). 

The second MRC Control Master 20 is on order and should arrive in a few days. I was not going to buy that right now, but they started becoming scarce and I once again fell victim to the MRR market manipulation tactic that’s worked so well for so many decades. Did not want to get caught short without the ability to find one when it was needed. The nylon bushings I used to temporarily hold some wiring and jacks on the layout benchwork are failing, so metal ones are also on order and should arrive this week. 

Have a new addition to the family as well. My daughter’s cat Tiger Lily has come to live with Mr. Hobbes and the people here in the house. We’ll see if she becomes a railroad cat, like my other daughter’s cat, Barney, who can always be found exploring the layout when he visits, up close and personal! Mr. Hobbes just prefers to stalk the trains and hang out in the window sill behind the bookcases.




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