Rolling stock drawers

I finally got around to constructing some rolling stock drawers to fit into the top section of the train room book shelves. Constructed of a hemlock frame with masonite facia and divisions, they hold 112 standard boxcars. They are not too pretty, but function was my priority here. I figure I can always paint the front facia if I get tired of looking at the masonite.

I do not intend to use these for transport, so I decided to avoid using foam. Some kinds of foam breaks down and most of it likes to cling to little parts, sometimes removing them without my authorization!ImageImageImageImage

I don’t think the masonite will harm the rolling stock or the finishes, but I hope my lungs will survive the sanding of this stuff.

The last photo shows the metal file cabinets that hold the rolling stock in the original boxes, but my intention is to use the upper shelves to hold rolling stock not in the factory boxes for easy access. I can keep the empty boxes in the file drawers.

Well, now I need to get back to laying track and finishing the yards so I’ll have a place to use the rolling stock!



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