I went to the Willamette Cascade Model Railroad show at the Lane County Fairgrounds yesterday in search of Maintenance of Way (MOW) gear. This is THE big train show for my area each year and it did not disappoint. I talked with some fellows from the A&P N’gineers and learned a little about their N-TRAK club. They seem like a friendly bunch.

To help keep Oregon green, I purchased a Centerline track cleaning car, as I have been spending more time with the bright-boy track cleaner than I would like. This car did not work terribly well with the cloth cleaning pads and denatured alcohol, but I wrapped the free-wheeling solid brass drum with some 500 grit sandpaper using double stick tape and a narrow strip of packing tape on the outside (only in the center, away from the edges where the rails are). It seems to be functioning nicely now. Brute force prevails again. I had to load the MOW train with a gondola loaded with some 1/1 scale metal wrench sockets installed for extra weight. This rig likes to run heavy. I equipped all trucks on this consist with Fox Valley Models 3301 metal wheelsets, which are very nice.

I was happy to meet Rich and his wife from RSLaserkits at the show. He also posts on the forum. Nice folks. I am very impressed by their kits and will incorporate some of their offerings into the layout when I get to the scenery stage. In addition to an exceptional engine house, they offer a great timber truss bridge that will be perfect for my logging branch. They even offer some rolling stock kits for logging operations. Nice stuff.

The folks over at AL&W Lines also offered a SP-specific Cascade Summit Station and smaller Train Order Station kits along with an SP woodshed. I’m sure these kits will also appear on the layout.



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