Second block wired and operational

I completed wiring to the second block (the staging yard). I have to wire one last powered turnout routing, but that will require the assembly of the switch mechanism and the power routing circuit for that part of the yard. All is well and there seems to be little power drop and no shorts so far…

I have noticed that my track seems to have a small bump where I connect track pieces and I think it’s the rail joiners creating a little bit of height over the ties that are added back in after soldering the joint. It’s more pronounced with the isolating joiners, so I think I’ll just dig down in the roadbed a little on each one to level it out. No big deal going forward, but I’ll have to go back to the previous joints to smooth this out, which will take a little time. But I’m a firm believer in getting the track as smooth as possible before moving on to other tasks.

My cat Hobbes always shows up for work sessions, but like me he would much rather watch trains run than anything else. He is less inclined to view the trains as prey, so hopefully as he moves beyond kittenhood and the newness of the train room wears off a bit both will be able to coexist.ImageImageImageImage


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