Staging yard

I have been laying track again, this time on the staging yard area. I’ve also done a little rewiring to color code the feeds from the controllers negative lead to the various branch blocks. Next step is to wire this block and get it operating.

I have been using wood ties to replace those which were removed to make room for rail joiners. While they show up as very light in these photos, they will match the others nicely after they are all painted. I have been using Micro-Engineering code 55 flex track with Micro-Engineering and Atlas code 55 switches. We’ll see how they both operate, but the Atlas switches are much easier to install since they have a lug which is already connected to the frog. The ME switches are a bear to solder the wire to the frog and the feeder wire is quite fragile. If the Atlas switches run as well, I will probably use them for the remainder of the project.

After much thought I have decided to make this pike a freelance operation. Although it will be heavily influenced by some real SP locations in Oregon, I cannot get the motive power I need to model it exactly. I also cannot arrange things adequately to model the stretch of SP mainline I selected with the space I have available. I want a location that has a little more switching than the prototype I originally selected. So this freelance RR will evolve over time. I expect the logging line will factor in the naming of this operation, and there will be fictional connections to the SP in Oregon.



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