Back to work

Been a while since my last post. My short break has ended, as I recieved the Homabed and track order finally. Actually, the Homabed came in very quickly, but the track took a bit longer. I also purchased 25 microswitches (ON/OFF/ON) from an ebay seller for about 44 cents each. Such a deal!

I have removed the temporary wiring and begin the final wiring of the blocks. I have chosen to use the common rail wiring scheme to wire this railroad. In common rail, the positive feed is supplied to all sections of a single rail. The other rail is cut to break the connection in order to create a block of track that is isolated from other blocks. The negative feed is switched to come from one of two controllers and is supplied when the block is turned on by a microswitch connecting to one of the two controllers (the switch prevents them from both supplying the negative feed at the same time to the same block).

This wiring scheme is a good fit for this design, and will minimize the amount of wiring needed. Some photos of the power distribution blocks are shown along with the feeder lines and a SPDR center-off switch. The left distribution block is for controller or cab 1, the center block is the common rail block, and the right block is for cab 2. This will allow two controllers to work on different blocks simultaneously.

In addition to the wiring, I have extended track along the north wall yard, including the switch to exit the staging yard.



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