Goodbye chop saw

Lot of progress to report this time:

Track plan has been revised to reflect the current changes. Eugene yard subroadbed is mostly completed as has the Eugene industrial siding subroadbed (photos 1 & 2). A small triangular section at the yard throat remains.

I modified the plan again to accommodate a two track staging yard along the north wall (photo 3). Homabed has been laid along the staging yard. It will accommodate two tracks long enough to build a decent length train. This section will be in a tunnel but will be open to the side. I will probably finish this area as a tunnel with scenery for the mainline occupying the area above the tunnel ceiling, even though there never was a yard built in a tunnel in the real world. This compromise was needed to get some staging tracks without going to a different level.

The logging loop has been complete along with the subroadbed for the logging operations. This area will have a log pond with a creek (pronounced “crick” here in Oregon) that will flow down to the edge of the layout to “justify” the two parallel bridges that will be featured.

I was able to remove some of the power tools and clean the place up a bit. The sawdust was getting out of hand! Now I can concentrate on laying the Homabed (from California Roadbed Company) roadbed and get a little track down.

I am fighting an urge to try to cram in as much track as I can to this design, knowing that the railroad will be better for my restraint.

Happy Festivus to all! I’m looking forward to the “Airing of Grievances” and the “Feats of Strength” already.



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