More work up the hill

I finished the support for the sawmill and logging area (image 2). This area will feature a log pond as well as a sawmill with a small yard for transferring log cars, etc.

Oakridge yard roadbed is now mostly complete (image 1), and I’m glad to be done! I will need to order some more homabed soon, as this ate up a lot of my stock. BTW, the dark areas you see are where I got a little overly enthusiastic with the glue. It will be covered with scenery and won’t be visible later. It still needs some fill in work in some low spots and a good sanding to smooth everything out. I won’t be working on this for a while, as I am trying to complete the mainline and all switch areas off the mainline to progress to the point where I can run a train around it.

One minor problem that I detected is that it will be challenging to lay the track along the back wall of the Oakridge area (image 4) due to impaired access caused by the logging siding and operation. Should be interesting!

A wood support was added for the siding along the north wall as well (image 3).

Once I get the roadbed and track laid, I will revise the plan to correct some track placement differences.



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