Logging loop connected

More work on the masonite spline roadbed for the logging loop (photo 4). This will be the highest point on the railroad and the grade is quite steep with a small radius on the curve. It will be perfect for 2 truck Shay geared steam operations, but I doubt the GS-4 will do well up there! Since this section connects to the mainline at both ends, if the Shays have any trouble with the grade (they might with a long drag of log cars), they can get to that area from the other end, too. Not too much progress today, but you do what you can. Note the fir spacers glued into the subroadbed on the Oakridge yard (photo 3). This will be used to speed construction and reduce the weight of the yard, which does not need to be solid. I’ll cut a bunch of them next time around and this should speed up the yard construction.



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