Sanding and roadbed installation

While the turkey was cooking, I sanded the staging level masonite subroadbed and started to install the Homabed Homasote roadbed. This product is available from California Roadbed Company and I recommend it. You can cut homasote yourself, but the dust would be difficult to tolerate. Homasote is a product made from recycled newspaper and does not compress like cork. It holds track nails very well and will not compress and allow the distortion of plastic ties, which can pull the rail out of gauge. Since Homabed has virtually no moisture content, it cannot dry out like cork, which can become brittle, plus it is “green” product whereas cork is a depleted resource. I found a use for all the old surplus Atlas track nails: holding down the roadbed while the glue dries. I am using Micro Engineering track nails for spiking down the track. A number of hours later, I was full of turkey and the roadbed was glued down. Happy Thanksgiving! Life is good.ImageImageImageImage


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