Grade construction

The staging loop is affixed directly on the benchwork with the mainline to be elevated 3″ above the benchwork, which calculates out to be a 2.3% grade (3″ climb in just under 11 feet). The grade depicted in these photographs will allow the trains to leave the staging level and proceed to the mainline. At the junction I am still unsure if I will use a crossing or a switch, but I’m leaning toward the crossing for simplicity’s sake. Also picked up a MRC Control Master 20 hand held controller. This controller has all the features I wanted and allows unplugging and replugging the controller without stopping the train to move to a different portion of the layout. I did not want to invest in a wireless system, but did not want to run everything from a single position, but prefer to follow the train. I’ve been warned that it can produce over voltages at high settings, so I’ll have to pay attention to that issue as it’s no good putting 14 volts into a 12 volt motor!



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