More masonite spline roadbed work

Removed the clamps and sanded the staging subroadbed in preparation for the homasote roadbed (on order). I ordered 60 percent beveled branchline roadbed, as model railroad roadbed always looks too steep and too tall to my eye. I’ll experiment and see how it goes. I put a block under the section that will connect with the mainline level to elevate it for clarity. Next step is to calculate and build the subroadbed support needed to connect to the mainline above and to begin work on the staging yard. It should be less than a 3% grade since it starts a gradual climb as it exits the loops on each end, but I need to check some clearances to be sure.

Some sample track pieces are also on order. I am considering Code 55 track by Micro-Engineering, Peco, and Atlas. Atlas is somewhat of a long shot, however. I have not been impressed with the overall quality of their track in the past, but will evaluate the various brands when they are received to see how well my locomotives and rolling stock perform on them.




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