Empty room, empty nest

With a heavy heart, I start this model railroad project. Two days ago, we lost our beloved border collie Elsie Mae to a pair of strokes, and the pain of the loss of this loving dog and longtime companion is fresh in our minds and our hearts. This year also saw the death of our equally beloved black and white cat Sylvester, who was with us for 15 years, throughout our daughter’s childhood years. Two furry family members lost in the span of less than 4 months. Add to that our youngest daughter moving out for college and we really have an empty nest. Perhaps this project and our new rescue cat (Hobbes) will help fill up some of the empty space in our home, and in our hearts.

Ryobi Compound Miter Saw, Black and Decker workmate folding table (from Goodwill – $14.99). Added two oak veneer file drawers (from St. Vinnie’s – $15 for both), benchwork support attached to walls added. Not much room for a railroad, but as you will see, common sense rarely factors into this project.



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